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Give Up the Ghost

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Verb: to die in a submissive , peaceful fashion; or to die quickly, with finality , often brutally. The freight-train barreling towards him, his foot still stuck , no time , he decided to give up the ghost.

To stop trying to do something because you aren't getting what you want for your efforts. I wanted to get back with my ex but now I'm 'bout to give up the ghost. In the case of subject matter, it means to reveal a secret, punchline , or conclusion. Micah's birthday party is to be a surprise, but Brian might give up the ghost. Give up the ghost.


Give up the Ghost – and Become a Hypercapitalist Extraterrestrial

To die, break , stall , or malfunction. I was late to work today because my car decided to give up the ghost.

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Give Up the Ghost unknown. When you cum so hard your eyes roll back into your head and you forget who you are for 30 minutes.

Give Up the Ghost - Tim Challies

I woke up in the the middle of the night when i heard my dad make my mom give up the ghost. If he does give up the ghost, love will never be the same. To ejaculate so much to the point where one's soul literally leaves one's body.