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Very good plus in a very good dust jacket. Corners and spine ends lightly bumped.

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Contents clean and binding sound. Jacket has slight edgewear and rear panel has some light scratches. Inquire if you need further information. Lord Brocktree Jacques, Brian Hardback. Hutchinson, London, Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. Fangorn illustrator. Seller: NKBurchill.

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Lord Brocktree

Mass Market Paperback. Thank you for supporting our small, family-owned business! New York: Philomel, First Printing - full number line.. Jacques, Brian. First Printing - full number line. The thirteenth book of Jacques' Redwall series, Lord Brocktree chronologically first if reading all in order. Bright, clean and clear interior.

Minor rubbing at top of spine. See photos for view on condition. First edition, first printing. A tale of 'Redwall. A Fine "as new" hardcover copy in a Near Fine dustwrapper miniscule edge tear at top of front panel - so tiny as to be almost indiscernible by the naked eye! An excellent copy.. NY: G. Philomel Books, c Seller: Columbia Books, Inc.

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Firebird, Fine in fine and bright dust jacket with on quarter inch tear at the head of the spine panel.. First US edition, first printing. First edition. First printing. Slight edgewear to dustjacket.

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  • New York, NY, U. Fine in fine dj. Hard Cover. ISBN: First Edition stated, with correct number line sequence, no writing, marks, underlining, or bookplates. No remainder marks. Spine is tight and crisp. Boards are flat and true and the corners are square. Dust jacket is not price-clipped, with minor edge wear. Beautiful collectible copy. Perfection Learning. Ungatt Trunn, the wildcat who can make the stars fall from the sky, has attacked with his Blue Hordes and is determined that the fortress should be his. The mountain s defenses are weak and it seems that nothing can stand in his way.

    Nothing, that is, but the badger Lord Brocktree, who is drawn to Salamandastron by an undeniable sense of destiny. But if he is to rescue the mountain from Trunn and his verminous hordes, he must gather about him an army capable of defeating them in battle. Place a Hold You must be logged in first. Pickup at. The information below is included in your interlibrary loan request.

    To change this data, submit a Change of Address request, or contact your local library for assistance. Leaving his study, the badger went downstairs, clutching a wooden pail full of parchment scrolls. He was met at the bottom by his wife, Lady Rosalaun, who shook her head reprovingly at him. I've been looking everywhere for it.

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    Aren't you ashamed of yourself, pinching pails! He held up the pail and shook it triumphantly.

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    He was the kindest. She took hold of his inkstained paw as they walked to the dining hall.

    Remember, you promised to read them the story once you'd completed it. Word has got 'round. Every hare on the mountain wants to hear it, too! The Badger Lord appeared rather flustered. You mean all of them? I only meant this as something for the young 'uns, to teach them a little of our mountain's history! What about us older ones, the parents and grandkin. Aren't we entitled to know our mountain's history? I for one would love to hear it. Besides, you have a wonderful storytelling voice.

    Oh, say you'll read it to us all, Russano, please!

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    This is a big work. I've been two seasons now, reading through dusty old parchments, interviewing creatures for stories about their ancestors, and studying carvings in the forge. I've sat on the shore, listening to sea otters, stood beneath trees recording squirrels—huh, I've even had to crouch for four days in a mole dwelling. Had to keep waking those two fat old moles up so I could hear their story. Do you know, it was told to them by their great-grandma, who had it from her old aunt's cousin, twice removed on the uncle's side, or so they said?

    It won't matter how long you take to read the thing. You can space it out, a bit every evening. Nothing nicer on a winter's night than a good story. Now, the fire's banked up, supper's on the table, and everybeast is waiting. So in you go! Lord Russano was immediately captured by his two young offspring, Melanius and Snowstripe, who tugged him up the three broad steps to where his chair had been placed next to a supper-laden table. Now sit still and be quiet, my dears. Everybeast turned around and shushed them loudly, and quiet was restored once more.

    td644's Reviews/ Dramatic Reading of lord Brocktree

    Russano split open a small loaf, cut a thick chunk of cheese and jammed it in the bread, making himself a rough sandwich. Every eye was upon him as he took a few good bites and washed them down with a halftankard of October Ale. The still atmosphere was broken by a small hedgehog squeaking aloud. Lady Rosalaun picked it up and waved it warningly under his nose. Either that, or straight off to bed with you! Russano pulled the first scroll from the pail.

    Unrolling it across the tabletop, he placed his tankard on the top edge to stop it folding back. His kind, brown eyes roamed the hall, a smile hovering upon his lips as he spoke. Salamandastron's history goes back further into the mists of time than even I would dare to guess. But the mountain as we know it today, with its leveret school, Long Patrol and laws set down for all to live in peace by, is due mainly to the work of one creature: Lord Brocktree of Brockhall. It was he who was responsible for the life we enjoy here—the outer gardens and terraces, the orchards and crop-growing areas, and the wonderful chambers, so full of comfort.

    Other badgers were here before him, and they were all good Lords in their own fashion, but not until the time of Lord Brocktree of Brockhall did the mountain really come into its own. I have recorded the history of his early years as faithfully as I could. I hope you learn lessons from it, take heed of its value, and most of all I hope you enjoy it as a mighty tale of great warriors. Hopelessness and an air of foreboding had settled over the western shores, casting their pall over land, sea and the mountain of Salaman-dastron.

    Yet nobeast knew the cause of it.