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You will laugh out loud and smile most of the way through the story.

Seduced by a Highlander (Children Of The Mist, book 2) by Paula Quinn

I say anti up your credit for this one without any reservations at all :. Seduced by a Highlander is an understatement Paula Quinn where are you? Only two audiobooks available for you?!?!

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Something wrong about that. Carrington MacDuffie is fantastic and amazing.

Don't hesitate I found this book to be endearing, lovely, and just plain sweet. Yes, this book is about a highlander's fiery love for a woman and don't we all love those tales?? And, it's how family cycles of pain can be broken and healed both within a father-son relationship, and within two families whose broken bridges of connection seemed impossible to mend.

Tristan MacGregor, is a casa nova of the first class. He is one of the many, gorgeous MacGregor sons who is known, in particular, for his popularity and wild ways with the ladies, but more so, he is a wounded soul who finds a comfort and connection to Isobel Fergusson, that he can't fight. The tragedy that created the rift between both the MacGregor and Fergusson clans is dire, awful, and generationally piercing.

I love Tristan because of the dimension of his character that he allows to blossom out of the nurturing care and love of Isobel. Despite the fabulous chemistry between the two, once they find out the identity of their families, Tristan and Isobel shy away from one another. But the beauty and gallantry of the hero, is that Tristan does not give up, he defies everyone to come after Isobel and win over both her heart and that of her family her very protective brothers to find a path to true happiness and to forge a healing closure of past hurts.

For most of the book, there is a focus on he cultivation of Tristan's relationship with Isobel and his winning the affection of her brothers. The romance and chemistry between the two is potent and present throughout, but by the time the two give themselves to one another in passionate bliss, it's more meaningful and forging since they are already in love. Even thought I tend to like the "seducing" part earlier in the plot, it seemed appropriate to the theme since Tristan had a lot of ground to cover in winning over his enemies.

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I hope you will come out of this listening experience loving Laird MacGregor even more than before after seeing his softer side both for his son and others. Also, all of the characters in this book are captivating and so fun especially Isobel's youngest hellion of a brother …lol Narrator: Carrington MacDuffle was a good narrator…I'm getting used to her voices. How does this one compare? I may have been a bit harsh with my first review of Carrington MacDuffie's performance in book 1 of the series.

While she is still not my favorite she may be growing on me or she just plain does a better job in the next books of the series. I think she really does get better.

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Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist)

Any additional comments? Better story I actually very much enjoyed Tristan's interactions with Isobel's brothers and the progression of each relationship. I didn't feel like the author made Tristan out to be as "sappy" as she did his brother in the first book. Had to get this audio book after getting the first in the series from my library.

I am hooked! I love this narrator, makes the characters come alive. I always promise myself I will ONLY listen in the car during my commute, but then I end up listening at home too because I can't stand to wait. Tristan is such a different lead man from his older brother in the first one, that keeps it interesting. Now and can't wait to listen to the next two in this series. This made me laugh and cry. It pulls you in and makes you feel like you are there great read. Get a free audiobook.

Paula Quinn

Written by: Paula Quinn. Narrated by: Carrington MacDuffie. Length: 10 hrs and 7 mins. Categories: Romance. These hallmarks combine to reach out and grab readers, who will dub this book a true keeper. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No reviews are available. Sort by:.

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